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Flags & Banners

Stock & Standard Flags


Every stock flag is available in either knitted polyester or nylon material – in a variety of sizes. While we have not found any difference in durability between materials, there are pros and cons to both. Let us help you decide which material best suits your needs by contacting us.

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We were contracted to make this Canada flag in 200d nylon, measuring 125' x 250'. It is the largest Canadian flag ever made and is proudly unfurled by 100-200 people before every Hamilton Ti-Cat football game (weather permitting). The flag weighs about 2000 pounds and took six people more than 400 hours to make. We had to rent a hockey arena in the summer to open it up for quality control purposes prior to final delivery. It was a challenge to get the reinforced edging and wind vents sufficient to handle the stress. The flag, of course, is not allowed to ever touch the ground.
Stock & Standard Flags Stock & Standard Flags Stock & Standard Flags
We carry stock flags of common sizes of every country in the world. We also stock a variety of common novelty and message flags. Plain drape flags, or vertical banners, help ‘dress up’ all kinds of sites, including real estate developments and theme parks. These are flying on our 18’ banner poles, which we completely installed. Canada flags go good everywhere! Here they are interspersed with a CFL club flag at their stadium.
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Custom Flags & Banners


Whether your flag is knitted polyester or nylon – anything is possible. We have the capacity to translate your vector art and pantone colours into beautiful flags or banners.

We supply a full range of plain colours and sizes to “dress up” your project. Also, we can customize your banners to depict your message and have your branding constant even in a breeze. Whether draped on poles or as street banners – all is possible. Our many years of experience will only help you meet your objectives with beautiful flags and banners.

Custom Flags & Banners Banners Custom Flags & Banners
Custom cloth banners can effectively serve as signs without the cost and hassle of sign permits! Both attractive and functional. Brilliant colouring of acid-dyed high tenacity nylon brought to life the interior of this high ceiling exclusive fitness centre, enhancing its bright environment. Patriot reaches new heights! Custom sewn nylon working its way up Mt. Everest!

Vinyl Banners & Hardware



NOTE: See Flag Poles section for hardware.

Long Banner 1814 Starward
25" x 84" double-sided vinyl banners done in two designs which we installed in various BIA's around the City of Hamilton, at their office and on the street poles.  We supply a full range of required hardware as well, of course. 24 individual double-sided heavy weight banners we did for Parks Canada at one of their Forts.  We also supplied the 24' aluminum poles with assembly and installation. Typical double-sided street banners defining the frontage of a new real estate development.  Some sites warrant vinyl banners, some cloth.  We will help you get the best value for your budget.